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14 February 2017
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28 March 2017
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Last week we received some pictures from Dr Ulrich HAPP. Dr HAPP is a retired German dentist who acts as a volunteer amoung the Linthar MCA Community « Solar » Clinic association. The aim of this association is to provide free dental treatments and education to Birman population that cannot afford it.

Dr HAPP has given one of his ENDY 5000 ( previous version of ENDY 6200) to the association for the specific endo treatments. Even though the unit is quite old, it works perfectly and fulfill all the requirements of the treatments. No need to say that our units are made for lasting 🙂

Here are some pictures of Dr HAPP with the local team in action.

We thank him for sharing with us this experience and wish long life to the association and its volunteers !!