IONYX references two new distributors in Vietnam 🇻🇳
23 July 2018
IONYX at the Casablanca Medical Expo
27 May 2019
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Since its creation, IONYX has made it a point of honor to offer its customers an available, fast and efficient after-sales service. Its wish is to bring them as soon as possible a precise and adapted answer to their problematic. For this purpose, and for practitioners who wish so, a dedicated team is available in the premises of the company based in France Blanquefort (F-33290). According to a satisfaction survey conducted in 2018 with 100 IONYX customers, 91% consider the quality of the after-sales service to be excellent. Regarding the time of processing repairs, 84% deems it excellent, the remaining 16% judging it entirely adapted.

Another highlight of our after-sales service: all of our distributors located around the world have been and are regularly trained by IONYX to repair our machines themselves if necessary or replace an aging component. The aim is to avoid as much as possible the return to France and the immobilization of the machines of our customers.

In addition to the training provided individually, tools have also been designed and made available to our distributors to help them in their troubleshooting: technical data sheets, tutorials, YouTube channel … Transmitted during each training, they are also made available directly on our website.