A wonderful year 2018
2 January 2018
IDEM Singapore 2018, IONYX was also there !
24 April 2018
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From product revamps all the way to photoshoots, there’s nothing we won’t do to make our star products sparkle in the spotlight.  In fact, just this year we’ve pulled out all the stops for the release of our new apex locator, the Locapex 6!

There’s new functions, optimised product performance, a new product design, new packaging, a new fun and easy-to-read user manual and more – including a photoshoot with our “model” doctor, Dr NELET, to show off the Locapex 6 in action!

On sale since January, all the Locapex 6 apex locator needs now is your expert hands to use it to its full potential.

More ergonomic, more compact and even easier to read, (re)discover the latest apex locator, designed and developed by IONYX.  We’ve been working hand in hand with endodontics professionals for over 25 years!