Endy 7

micromotor + apex locator

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The Endy 7’s strengths

100% digital measurement

The signal emitted by your Endy 7 is fully digital. There is no drift or modification over time in the accuracy of your IONYX apex locator.

A built-in insulated sensor in the contra-angle

As soon as your file is inserted into the contra-angle, the measurement sensor is automatically connected. The Peek plastic contra-angle ensures total insulation from the measurement signal.

Consistent speed and torque

The speed of the Endy 7 remains consistent regardless of the force with which the file is used in the root canal. It never varies, even if the battery is less than 50% charged. The torque is always controlled in order to preserve your files.

endy 7 - micromoteur - localisateur apex - endodontie - ionyx2
endy 7 - micromoteur - localisateur apex - endodontie - ionyx

Why should you choose the Endy 7?

An instantaneous measurement

The instant measurement system provides you with information on the position of your file in the canal the moment it makes contact with the canal.

Quick shut-down of the motor

As soon as the programmed torque is achieved, the motor is quickly shut down by means of an electronic lock, limiting the risk of breakage of the instrument.

Slow reverse

This 1-second slow-reverse technology used by IONYX since 1996, lets you remove the instrument without sending dental debris back towards the apex.

A speed range suitable for root canal files

The Endy 7 lets you set your file speed between 100 and 800 revolutions per minute.

9-memory settings

The Endy 7 has a 9-memory settings for programming as many torques and speeds corresponding to each of the files used. Programming is easy and straightforward.

Long battery life

The Endy 7 lets you work on battery power for 1 hour with an average torque of 1.5 N.cm (40 root canal treatments on average reported).

Quick charger

The device’s quick charger fully recharges your battery in 2 hours. In order to preserve your battery, the charge automatically shuts down as soon as the maximum is reached.

The Endy 7 electronic casing has a 3-years warranty. The contra-angle, the battery and the accessories have a 2-years warranty.

You can order the Endy 7 by contacting our Commercial Department by mail at ionyx@ionyx.eu or look for a distributor near you !